A Sneak Peek into Our SEO Bootcamp Venue

Last week was WordCamp Dallas and I was fortunate to head down to speak at the event. While there Carrie and I headed on over to the Level offices to take a tour of our event space.

Let me just say I was not disappointed.

Not only are the Level employees beyond welcoming, the entire space had a very laid back yet hip feel to it. The building is in the heart of Dallas and it oozes classic age and style. Yet when you walk in, you’re immediately surrounded by stylish modern day decor. It’s a great combination of old and new.

They offices provide a mix of conference rooms and co-working spaces, that are made even better by an ultra sleek kitchen area that has cool amenities like a beer keg, wine cooler, and a iPad type device that mixes up all sorts of custom coffee drinks.

I was excited about SEO Bootcamp before and now I’m even more geared up because I know the event will be great and our students will be very comfortable as we work through the three days of our SEO training schedule.