Dallas SEO Bootcamp is a Wrap!

SEO Bootcamp January 2017 Attendees

Can SEO can be fun? Yes it can and our Dallas session of SEO Bootcamp demonstrated that this is true.

I’ve often thought SEO was fun, but I assumed I was weird and I was alone. Apparently I’m not. The world is filled with people like me and I was fortunate enough to spend three days with them last week.

Our SEO Bootcamp Dallas Workshop

This session was held at the Level offices in downtown Dallas. Danielle and Maggie provide awesome support and I’m very thankful to them and the rest of the Level support staff.

Our attendees came from all over the country and students arrived from California to New York. They were developers, marketers, and small business owners that work in a variety of industries. This diversity aided in the sessions and helped provide a colorful array of questions and conversations.

We had one attendee participate over Skype due to a last minute illness and we have an impromptu visit from Liquid Web’s Chris Lema. Both just added more fun to an already interesting event.

As SEO Bootcamp ended, the group suggested we take a classroom picture to capture the moment. As they left we snapped quick selfies with each other and shared hugs as people walked out the door.

These heart-filled departures were the frosting on the cupcake for me and it left me feeling energized and eager to schedule our next Bootcamp.

Here are a few more images from the event:

No But Really, SEO is Fun?

You might be asking how is this possible given it was SEO training? Here’s the difference – the students at SEO Bootcamp want to be there.

What’a more important is that they want to learn everything they can about SEO and how they can use search engine optimization in their business. And that makes all the difference because they are eager and excited about this opportunity.

Take a room and fill it with smart and eager people and magic happens. That is how I felt about our recent workshop. And I wasn’t alone. You can hear what attendees said directly from them via the testimonials.

Are You Ready to Learn SEO in a Fun, Interactive Environment?

If you’d like to be part of something special and learn some great skills along the way, consider joining us for our next SEO Bootcamp session in May.

Learn more about the SEO Bootcamp OKC session:

To all those who attended last weeks session I thank you for helping make the week so memorable. I can’t wait to hear how this training transformed your website and marketing efforts!