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Why is the event capped at 25 people?

We’d really like the event to be as meaningful as possible, so we are keeping it intimate and capping attendance at 25 people. We feel this is an optimal number of students for achieving a balance between education, collaboration, and personal attention.

How do I know this event will produce a solid return on my investment?

That’s a great question. And while we can easily tell you want we think, we’d much rather have our prior students speak for us. You can watch some video testimonials from our January session in Dallas to get a better feel for what they thought and why they think the event will produce ROI.


Another data point is the post-session questionnaire responses for the Dallas event. Our attendees – 100% of them – felt the conference was a worthy investment and they would recommend it to others.

Will this training be too complicated for a novice user?

No. We’ll talk in everyday language and even those new to SEO will be able to grasp the content and take away actionable advice and education. Anyone can learn SEO. The sessions would be a suitable fit for bloggers, marketers, business owners, and developers.

Will this training be too basic for someone already familiar with SEO?

The training is designed to teach the correct SEO process for achieving search ranking. It spans from start to finish, so even those with some basic SEO knowledge will greatly benefit from the sessions.

Is the course industry specific or targeted for B2B or B2C type of companies?

No. SEO isn’t about a specific industry. Good SEO is about strategy, planning, and execution. We’re going to teach you the right process for winning in search. While some tasks may be altered by industry, the process itself stays the same.

What do I need to do before training?

You will have homework assigned before the workshop. We’ll be emailing out instructions closer to the event. You’ll be expected to come to the workshop with homework complete.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, a laptop, paper, a pen, and an eagerness to learn.

What is the refund policy?

Since we have a limited amount of seats available, refunds will not be processed after one week from booking.

Will lunch be served?

We will be serving a box lunch on days one and two. A menu will be available for review and ordering both days.

May I bring outside food or beverages?

Absolutely. Make yourself comfortable.