Why You Should Attend SEO Bootcamp

Break Free From Your Background

I don’t know what your background is, but I can tell you the only way I’ve made it to where I am today is through learning SEO and using it to my benefit.

My Grandmother raised me in a small Northern Michigan town where I grew up dirt poor and literally was a ward of the state. I worked my way through college and left with a pile of student loans and a three day temp job making $10 an hour.

I could have given up at that point and resigned myself to a life of low paying jobs. After all, the hard work I put into making it through college wasn’t quite paying off. But I didn’t give up. Instead, I worked as hard as I could in those three days and I made sure I learned as much as I could from anyone who would share information with me.

It was at this three day assignment that I met and fell in love with technology. Once that happened, I never looked back.

SEO Helps Push Through Roadblocks

My childhood experiences put a fire within me for both seeking knowledge and for pushing through the crap that tends to show up in life. Technology was my tool for pushing through that crap.

I embraced technology and once I discovered SEO I fell head over heels in love with it because I could see it was powerful. Like change my entire world powerful!

Life and business are hard. But if you empower yourself and take control, you can push through all the roadblocks and you can persevere. You can excel and have success far greater than you ever imagined.

I’ve broken through the glass ceilings and roadblocks that were put up. So much so that I’ve built a business and a life I never thought was possible.

And I owe all of my success to learning and applying SEO to everything I do in business. I learned SEO fifteen years ago and once I did I realized it made all things possible.

Teaching SEO to Others

Over the last few years I’ve dedicated my professional life to teaching people SEO and sharing my knowledge so that it can help transform the lives of others.

I’ve been working with SEO for well over a decade, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to push outside my comfort zone of web design and teach people what I know and show them how they can use this knowledge to transform their own lives and businesses.

I’ve put a concentrated emphasis on teaching others SEO because:

  • I want to teach you what real SEO is and I want to show you how SEO can transform your website into something that generates real revenue.
  • I want to teach you the technology behind SEO and why this technology is a critical part of today’s world of business.
  • I want to teach you about my favorite SEO tools and I want to show you how I use them each day.
  • I want to teach you about the strategies behind great SEO so that you can make websites appear on page one of search engines.
  • I want to teach you how to get better leads or sales through highly targeted search traffic from Google.

People have often asked why I spend so much time educating others and that is a valid question. The reason is I want to give back. I had a village that raised me and I wouldn’t be where I was today if simple acts of kindness didn’t provide me the opportunities to learn, grow, and excel.

My SEO training and education is designed to do just that. Provide you an opportunity to learn about SEO, grow your website traffic, make tangible improvements to your revenue, and find true success.

Here Are Five More Reasons Why You Should Attend SEO Bootcamp

1. SEO Bootcamp Will Educate and Empower You

Have you ever wondered why your online marketing efforts haven’t been successful? Have you tried to hire outside SEO consultants, only to be turned off by sales pitches and projects that didn’t deliver results?

SEO Bootcamp is different. We’re not selling you SEO services.

Instead, we’re teaching you a proven SEO process that encompasses all aspects of research, planning, strategy, and execution.

You’ll spend two full days working through a structured SEO process, which will be your roadmap for the year ahead.

2. SEO Bootcamp Delivers a Hands-on SEO Experience

We’ll teach you about SEO.
We’ll go through actual SEO tasks and exercises in class.
And we’ll review your work so you know if you’re on the right path.

This hands-on education will provide you the knowledge and structure you need to continue working on SEO in your post-class marketing efforts.

3. SEO is Work, But We’ll Teach You How You Can Work Smarter

Make no mistake about it, SEO is work:

  • You’ll have homework before arriving to the workshop.
  • You’ll have in class exercises.
  • And you’ll have homework to do at night.

These exercises and homework will reinforce the education you’re receiving and it will show you how to apply SEO best practices to your website or blog. Learning is much more powerful when you’re doing and not just listening.

The key to successful SEO is to work smart and to spend time on the right tasks and activities.

4. SEO Bootcamp Will Outperform an SEO Consultant

Why pay $15,000 for an external SEO consultant when you can allocate a small portion of that budget to learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization.

We won’t talk about algorithms or penalties.

Instead, we’ll focus on what the search engines want and need from website owners and bloggers. Once you start thinking like a search engine, you’ll see you’ve been wasting money chasing “link juice” and reading reports.

5. Learn the Right Way to Do SEO

There is a right way and a wrong way to do SEO. Unfortunately, there are lots of services that promise you high ranking and search traffic without little effort from the actual website owner.

That is a pipe dream. It isn’t reality and it doesn’t deliver real, long-term results.

White hat SEO is sustainable and long lasting because you are executing a plan that is good for search engines and website visitors. The more you focus on your website visitor and what they want and need, the great success you’ll have with search engine optimization.

SEO Bootcamp goes beyond SEO theory and empty promises.

We’re going to teach you SEO strategy by deep diving into SEO and do so using your website or blog.


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